Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to dress fashionably during non-stop Travel

A non-stop trip is awesome, it is jam packed where we cover so many places that it leaves hardly 15 mins or less to groom yourself daily. And trust me, being presentable during such trips was one big daunting task. As I started travelling from a very young age owing to the fact that my parents are avid travellers, I used to always notice that my photos reflected a version of me which looked malnourished and not so pleasant. Well, if you are the one who wants to look kind of weary during your travel then yes, perhaps you would find my post to be unnecessary, however, to carry yourself well and look superb in the pics, even weary look should be fashionable and carried off well. Saying this, my post wouldn't be some magical formula where a few cosmetics can change the look, but, it will surely make you more confident to pose even after long travels in harsh conditions.

So, to have those awesome pics from your travel diaries, let me share some points which will surely help to make your pics even more stunning.
  • Firstly, travelling makes us tired, even the avid ones, so the first rule is that never focus on the destination, enjoy the journey which will eventually keep stress at bay and in return make you look fresh the whole day. This is not a cosmetic solution, but never, underestimate the power of our mental strength, its immense. Enjoying each and every moment of the trip keeps unnecessary stress away and this helps in the mind being relaxed which automatically lets us glow.
  • Secondly, carry a pair of good sunglasses with UV protection. This not only blocks harmful sun rays from your eyes, but can provide a good cover to tired eyes. During non-stop trips we hardly get time to sleep, in fact to make the best out of a place we generally sacrifice sleep which is completely okay, but do you want to look like a zombie with eyes which might shut any moment? Certainly not, right? So carry a good pair of sun glasses, in lieu with your face shape, which will keep your eyes relaxed and cover any unwanted tiredness. During road trips aviators make a good choice and for the beach, a pair of large one can do wonder if carried with oomph!
  • Thirdly, hairstyle is just so important for all the beautiful ladies out there. Hair is the most affected during such travels with the wind, sun, dust all making a mess out of our hair. As washing daily might not be an option for many, hence the best solution to this is to opt for a messy hairstyle. If you have long hair, a high bun while keeping the hair messy works best as, even if hair starts coming out of the bun, with the messy look it is a fashion statement. A messy pony tail or plait also works and are good options for medium to shorter length hair.

  • Another important aspect for long hair is to have lots of hair pins and clips, they not only help in instant fixture of uncontrollable hair but also increases glam quotient. Always select hair accessories to the type of location you visit and the dress you are wearing. If you are dressed for the beach, then maybe you would like to have small pins with small motifs or maybe a large clip with a bow or a ribbon. Remember, if the clip is a big one with some amount of bling, then the pins to be used should be subtle. You do not want your head to look like a hair accessories shop, isn't it? So, select the accessories carefully matching the place you visit and the dress you are going to wear.

  • So once you are done with hair, the next best thing to instantly updo your glam quotient during travel is a good pair of Kohl/Kajal/Eye Liner. I generally carry around 3 colours of Kajal/Kohl in Black, Green and Aqua Blue which works magic for my eyes and the days when I do not apply, well, my friends know that I look direct out of hospital. This one small piece of cosmetic can transform tired, weary eyes into the beautiful dreamy ones, depending on which style you would like to follow. Personally, I am a fan of Winged eye and smoky eyes, however, these two styles are not very apt during long travels as there might be a lot of sweat, water which can eventually leave it smudged or washed off. One particular application which I can vouch for is the application of brown/black Kohl on the lower lid of the eye. I generally prefer thick application, however, if you do not want to highlight your eyes much, a small line of Kajal on the inner line of the lower lid works wonder. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then, apply brown/white on the inner side with a black outer line. And yes, always go for good quality ones as they tend to stay longer and are generally smudge proof.

  • Wow! so you are set with your hair and eyes, so next will definitely be the lips and yes, you guessed it correctly, we will discuss about Lipstick here. Lipsticks can be a bit tricky and depending again on the location and dresses you wear, the shade should be selected. Also, its a personal choice so if you prefer any particular colour and do not want to change then you may skip this point and read further. However, I am sure that many of the pretty ladies experiment with their lipsticks and so, here I will provide a little guide on how to have the perfect colour stay during your travel. Let me tell about how to choose the shade depending on four broad classification of the locations - Forest, Hills, Beach, Desert. 

> Forest - If you are visiting a forest then depending on your skin tone you may select from any shade of brown to orange. The shade shouldn't be too flashy and not too dull also. It should just add the right amount of life to the lips.
 > Hills - For Hills, we like to trek, which can be really tiring, always opt for natural or nude colours as you do not want your lipstick to fade or wither during long treks leaving behind a residue of a dark shade. If its a short trek and the weather is pleasant then browns can also be a good option.
 > Beach - Beaches being my favorite, I generally prefer wearing nude colours as I love enjoying the waves. However, if you go for a sun tan and would prefer to laze on the sand, then depending on the colour of the dress you can experiment with shades of orange and purple which looks amazing and bright, but not too gaudy. In the evenings, for a beach party, you can go for bright shades of Red, Maroon, Pink which looks amazing.
 > Desert - Here, you can experiment with colours, with the monotonous backdrop of the golden sand you can go all over red, orange, pink, brown or gold during the evenings. However, as its really hot during the daytime stick to nudes, orange or brown for the right balance.
  • Next let me tell you a little simple trick for what to wear on all your travels, stick to dark colours. It gives the benefit of not showing dirt on the clothes easily and can be repeated. So, if you want to backpack across a large country also, you needn't carry too huge a luggage on your back. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Also, always carry clothes which are lighter and can be mixed and matched with different pairs. This will help you in travelling light and also feel super comfortable during long journeys. To make it fashionable always dress in clothes which make you feel comfortable. Ideally it should't be too tight or too loose and try to be in cottons more so that the material doesn't stick around you during perspiration, water or rain. I personally prefer shorts with loose t-shirts, for trips around warmer regions and for places which are cold a smart jacket, boots and leggings are comfortable and stylish!
  • Hmmm, so we have seen a lot of tips and yes, they have helped me always to have fun, feel comfortable and look stylish. So, lets focus now on 'The Footwear'. Well, this is rather simple with boots for forest and colder places and flip-flops, sandals for the beach and sunny regions. But, then matching it right with the dress and occasion may seem a daunting task. So, follow the golden rule of having shoes in neutral colors like brown, black, beige and for sandals you may go on with bright sunshine colours of yellow, red, orange, pink and what so on! The main rule here is to be really comfortable yet stylish.

So, when you pack your bags the next time, remember this small tricks which is going to make your journey super stylish.

Do let me know about what you feel about this blog in your comments and all the best for an awesomely stylish trip ahead :)


  1. I appreciate the way you provide crisp information..same goes for this blog too..quite informative.. keep writing..

    1. Thank you Devasmita.. your words motivate me :)

    2. Thank you Devasmita.. your words motivate me :)

  2. Very informative ! Love the tips and can't wait to use them next time when I travel.

    1. Thank you Priyah :) you always are so well-dressed.. love it :)

    2. Thank you Priyah :) you always are so well-dressed.. love it :)